Installation,Test and commissioning

Kiyan Isatis Pars company by using brilliant experience of Electro Kavir company performs instruction , test , special and standard commissioning of switchgears .

*installation , test and commissioning of MV & LV switchgear , and MV switchgears according to instructions  and related standard . (As the representative of Electro Kavir company in installation and commissioning switch gears)

- Installation and commissioning GIS switch gears according to instructions and Siemens standards

- Owning certification of installation GIS switchgears  from Siemens company

- Installation of cable tray and cable ladder 

- Cabling , cordage and articulation

  - Periodical services , repair and maintenance of switchgears


Some related projects

*Repair and maintenance of the 12th phase of south pars.

*Repair and maintenance of the 22nd  on 24th phases of south pars.

*Installation , test and commissioning of GIS switchgears for  the 12th  , 15-16th  , 17-18th,22nd -24th phases.

*Installation, test and commissioning of the 14th -22nd phases of south pars.

* Installation, test and commissioning of Chahar – Mahal.

* Installation, test and commissioning Khatoon Abad copper.

* Installation, test and commissioning Saba steel complex.

* Installation, test and commissioning Miras Kavir mines .