The list of steel and copper project with the used switchgears are is following

*Saman steel , 20KV- Unisafe with draw-able , Hyundai (South Korea)

*Yad Alloy steel LV/Fix, Siemens (Germany)

*Tanbour steel Lighting Panel, KIP-Siemens(Iran-Germany)

*National copper industry:  Capacitor Bank & Lighting/Fix , Siemens(Germany)

*Sirjan gohar omran : LV,20KV Unisafe withdraw-able , Siemens(Germany) , Hyundai (South Korea)

*Yaran steel LV- Schneider

*chahar mahal steel LV- Schneider

*Tara – Keyvan steel LV-Siemens

*south kish kaveh steel LV-LS